Alien Alert Alien Update

The Great Political Standoff


The economic life of the America pod is particularly strong at this point. This appears to cause our Leader in the Capital City to believe that he can pursue aggressive economic attacks on other Earth pods with only manageable fallout for the America pod. This permits him to impose aggressive tariffs on the China pod and now on the Mexico pod in order to pressure them to act more in the interest of the America pod or at least to refrain from actions and policies opposed to the interests of the America pod. There is strong opposition to these tariffs but little appearance of alternative strategies to protect the interests of the America pod. As we reported, it is a fairly stagnant stand-off.

We have been monitoring the public statements from those who oppose our Leader in the Capital City. We find it curious that those who oppose him nearly exclusively focus on social issues that do not seem to be related to the issues our Leader in the Capital City has with the China pod or the Mexico pod. They oppose his actions but do not appear to have potentially effective alternatives or any strong interest in developing those alternatives. The policy direction of our Leader in the Capital City get strong disapproval but little to no organized opposition. Conversely, our Leader in the Capital City has little to say about the policy initiatives of those who oppose him and no interest in focusing on them. The actions of our Leader in the Capital City and his clan are oddly disconnected from and unrelated to the actions and activities of those in the opposing clan. It is as if the two clans in the America pod are at the level of action, unrelated to each other.

If we are to posit a considered take on the current political status in the America pod from our alien perspective, we admit that we just don’t grock what is happening. With that admission in mind, it seems to us that our Leader in the Capital City is continuing his intention to redefine and reconstruct the notion of governance as it has been generally understood in the America pod, shifting toward a clearer, superior power position for those in office and those with vast economic resources within their control. Movement is toward a more centralized and autocratic governance. The opposing clan is less organized and focused but presses for a return to more public-centered governance. Both sides of the conflict appear to be focused on the 2020 federal election, with no intention or expectation of any meaningful resolution before that. Our leader in the Capital City simply proceeds unchecked. We conclude that our Leader in the Capital City remains politically untouchable. He is free to do as he pleases. When the Central Council back on the Home planet implanted our Leader in the Capital City, their brilliance was likely and has been totally validated.

We conclude this transmission with what seems to us to be a simple reality. The political process in the America pod is mired in a total stand-off with no likelihood of movement any time soon. Our Leader in the Capital City can and will proceed without any impedance to his continuing work on behalf of the home planet and in the interest of our continuing infiltration of the Earth planet. It is a total green-light status for us and our kind.

May we invite you to enjoy a musical interlude as you consider the implications of our findings to date.

End of Transmission.